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St. Louis Luxury Boudoir

"100% queer friendlyI scheduled a session with Heart and Honey to celebrate my divorce and I cannot recommend highly enough! Ophelia and her team were amazing! I felt pampered, and affirmed throughout the entire process.I identify as non-binary so Ophelia made sure we mixed masculine and feminine poses and looks. This is not my first boudoir shoot, but it was the first time that I got to explore the masculine sides of my identity in a boudoir setting." - Nick, they/them

"My experience with Ophelia was phenomenal! She made me feel very comfortable and my self consciousness went out the window. She is professional and her experience in photography and boudoir really shows. The photos were edited in record time and I love every single one! I would 100% recommended booking a session!" - Samantha, she/her

St. Louis Maternity Boudoir
STL and Chicago Boudoir

"After having my son I decided my body deserves way more love than I've been giving it. I started following Ophelia and their group and it's made a world of difference for me

After our first session I felt like my confidence sky rocketed. It just hit me like a brick that I'm a hot mom lol. My scars, stretch marks, chub, wrinkles ect.. everything that people and society has made us feel worried about now feel like just another part of me. My body did some super cool shit. And I respect it so much that.

Ophelia truly puts their all into every image and makes getting out of your comfy zone so much fun and so effortless. Now I have a reminder anytime I doubt my self or self image. Their brand is so lux and it just feels like a real treat to yourself overall one of my favorite experiences in life " - Jesse. she/her

"I would love to share my experience with shooting with Ophelia last Tuesday because, honestly, she's just wonderful and she made me feel so safe/comfortable the entire experience.

I have a connective tissue disorder that kind of takes a toll and limits me in many aspects of my life. I have previously kept quiet about it in the past, but ended up hurting myself or getting physical reactions. So, although it's a tough subject for me to open up about, I sucked it up and was honest with her. She immediately made me feel at ease, made sure I would be comfortable in every aspect, she empathized with me and made me actually feel...normal.

When I arrived she was sweet and, although we hadn't previously met in person, I felt entirely comfortable with her. Which is a great trait she has because having your butt cheeks out around an acquaintance isn't always the easiest task.

She has a great eye and vision for what she's trying to accomplish. Our entire shooting process only took about 30-45 minutes in total and that was with us chatting the entire time, strapping on the beautiful wings she had, applying the gold flake make up and meeting her adorable pup & kitten.

If you read all of this - THANK YOU! I just wanted to help give others an idea of the level of awesome that Ophelia is and what a truly great photographer she is. - Ashley, she/her

St. Louis, MO Boudoir
St Louis Boudoir

"Soooo, I did the thing and lemme tell you how good it feels to truly celebrate your body.

After giving birth and losing my son, my body changed in A LOT of uncomfortable ways.. today is the first day I've loved my body since May 2020.

What a beautiful experience.

I left feeling like absolute freaking royalty.

My makeup made me look like a freaking sun goddess.

I can't even begin to describe the high I'm riding yall.

Thank you so much to Ophelia and her team for today. From the bottom of my heart.' - Samantha, she/her

"If the only thing standing between you and a boudie shoot is your nerves, let me calm your fears: NERVOUSNESS IS NORMAL!!

I’m someone who is generally anxious about every potential unknown. I stressed about what I was going to wear for so long that I had to find something at the last minute. I was nervous about how my makeup would look, how my hair would look, how my face in general would look.

When I say there was no reason to worry to the extent that I did: Ophelia goes through every length to make you feel comfortable. Everything occurred at my pace, we made jokes and laughed nonstop. The pictures came out gorgeous.

I’ve never been an overtly sexual person. I never saw myself as someone in lingerie. Before my shoot, I was honestly going in completely blind. As an ambassador, i’m here to help make sure you don’t have to! Your lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive or name brand, your hair & makeup don’t have to be perfect.

Come as you are." - Lee, they/he

St Louis Boudoir
St Louis Boudoir

"Had an AMAZING time yesterday at my first shoot with Ophelia. HIGHLY recommend their services. They made me feel safe, powerful, and playful." - Alexandra. she/her

"A year ago if someone had showed me this image of myself I would have felt uneasy. Everyone who knows me knows I’m certainly not shy about nudity but in a SEXY context? Me? OOF. HOWEVER. I’ve done 4 boudoir sessions in the last year and seeing this now? WHEW LOOK AT ALL THAT WOMAN...

Boudoir has been so healing for me this year and I’m so grateful to Ophelia for being on this journey with me and allowing me to explore this avenue to loving myself more. 10/10 will keep doing boudoir." - Mazikeen. they/she

St. Louis, MO Boudoir
St. Louis Luxury Boudoir

"I was pretty nervous because I'd never done anything like this before. I talked to Ophelia a lot about it. She told me to trust her, her posing, the magic having hair and make up does. And I was shocked by how happy with them all I was. Hair and make up made me feel so good and the confidence bled through in every single photo. Each photo, the whole photo was stunning. What makes my body unique was put on display in such a beautiful way I didn't want to hide it. The shoot 100% made me happier with my appearance overall and made me more confident.

Ophelia is so easy to work with and made me feel so confident and comfortable.
So yeah, do it. It's so worth it. and I'm so happy I did!" - Melina, she/her

"What an experience. I’ve worked with Ophelia twice now & her work never fails to impress me. She has a skill of capturing you as you truly are without and crazy edits. Being in a body positive space it made it so easy for me to loosen up & enjoy the experience. She has a creative mind & can bring to life whatever idea you have in mind. HIGHLY recommend." - Toni, she/her

STL Boudoir
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