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Heart + Honey Boudoir is an exclusively LGBTQIA+ owned and operated luxury boudoir brand. Our goal is to expand not only what boudoir means for people, but to provide representation for those who rarely find bodies like theirs in art, to provide a haven for people to come as they are and love themselves entirely, and to create a loving, safe, and supportive environment. 


We hold space for fat bodies, thin bodies, body hair, disability, and everything between and beyond. Through boudoir, we encourage individuals to shed their outer skin and get to the layer of reality that isn't always easy to strip down to. The most important part about life is living it, and that means showing what being human truly means for



Heart + Honey has one mission: help you see exactly how magical, how strong, how resilient and

beautiful you



Boudoir, for us, is intimate portraiture.

It doesn't only look like Eurocentric beauty in lingerie.

We represent the queer bodies, the trans bodies, the bodies who have been forced into believing

that they are not


Everything we do is composed of love.

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